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About Me

I am a wife and mother to two boys (including my cat). My youngest son Heath has just turned 16 months and my oldest fur baby Flynny is nine.


I am a twice published author and feature in both "Motherly Love in a Pandemic" and "Family Light". I am also a published photographer. An image of mine from Nith Valley Alpacas featured in Fabulous Magazine.

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My love for photography began at a very young age. As long as I can remember I've always loved to create beautiful images. I ever dreamed that my hobby would turn in to a career but here we are...

I studied Film and Media Studies at Uni with the dream of being the next Coppola or Burton. Turns out I'd much rather be the next Adams or Mark. Not that I see that happening any day now but we've all got to dream right.
I appreciate nature, architecture and I get really exited when I see a sunrise or sunset and other gorgeous light in between.
I have 12 years experience of working in the photography industry for a major retailer where I specialised in product photography. They unfortunately made me redundant in November 2020 (thanks Covid) which pushed me to really focus on going it alone after all these years.
I love to travel and am always looking for my next adventure, camera in hand ready to capture anything that life has to throw at me.
I love candid shots but I am not afraid to get close up and in your face either (if you'll let me).
I specialise in the four P's...
People, Places, Pets and Products.
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